The quality of your landscaping, particularly the health of your trees, can add significant value to your property and improve the customer experience. But keeping those outdoor spaces looking their best with lush trees and healthy palms doesn't just happen. Healthy, growing trees need a program of regular care and maintenance so they can continue to add beauty and value to outdoor areas.

In addition to keeping the trees on your commercial property looking their best, a regular tree care program reduces the chance of liability due to fallen limbs and tree debris.



Arbor West Tree Surgeons Inc. offers the greatest amount of experience and expertise in the state, and is your route to maintaining property value and avoiding liability issues caused by fallen limbs and tree debris.

Some of our specialty commercial offerings include:

  • Bucket truck and box truck service
  • Service for shopping centers
  • Tree service for neighborhoods and municipalities
  • Golf course tree maintenance
  • Tree service for resorts and spas
  • Satellite tree inventory and tree management system
  • Root pruning, Biobarrier installation and root examination with an air spade

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